2012-05-27 Siurana   Leave a comment

Can Codolar to start with and Bindelef, 7a+ 1st route of the day.  Not having warmed up I rest twice on this nice climb – I’ll see about repointing it though.  Then over to L’Aparador where I try the nice but run out Solos y Solas, 7c.  Beautiful climb, and I take a few long falls and rest a couple of times on it.  I need to work on my stamina for this climb, it’s overhanging all the way so the falls, though long, are clean.  There’s a couple of long moves but it’s definitely easier than Llargaruda, 7b+ next to it.  But with the sun arriving, I just get to the intermediate lower-off at around 28mtrs and strip it.  Panxi tells me the last 10mtrs are thin and crimpy, which is ok, but not so much when you’re pumped!

Over to Grau Dels Masets Abaix where I meet Paco, Chema & Marta.  I strip Pluja De Pedres, 7a+ though the end crux is still giving me problems.  Now we try one of the new 2011 routes –Endika & Miki’s Bruce Lee, 7a+ and it’s a good choice.  Starts easyish, getting increasingly difficult up to the crux bulge at the last clip.  We all take falls on it, but we’re all tired – I’ll have to see about working out a better way to do the end sequence (including clipping the last bolt).

Bruce Lee, 7a+

7a+   7c   7a+   7a+


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