2012-06-16 La Mussara   Leave a comment

Celebrating the fine work of the Alegre brothers re-equipping routes to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first lines in La Mussara, this morning we are in and around El TeixRocteam™ and I accompany some of the others from Centre Excursionista Maspujols for some roped climbing, and then later bouldering at Font De La Paula, though as I’m still recovering from the hamstring pull, today I’m only belaying a taking photos…  The evening rounded off in great style in good company – 1º Joan Bou Festival.

2012-06-16 014 ParvulariEl Caputxino.    2012-06-16 110 Font De La PaulaFont De La Paula.   2012-06-16 157 Les Airasses1º Joan Bou Festival.

As usual, if anyone wants a copy of any photos without the watermark, drop me a line


Posted 2012/06/18 by allend66 in bouldering, La Mussara, Rockclimbing

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