2012-07-03 Siurana, El Ditot   Leave a comment

After 3 long weeks recovering from a hamstring pull, we go for ‘plan tranqui’ today in afternoon shade at El Ditot.  Maximum 6b+ and the grade was perfect – 5 sends, 3 redpoints and 2 flashes.  Delirium, 6a to test the water and all’s good.  Then onto Faktoria, 6a+ a noticeable increase and still good.  Then the super route Gurú, 6b+ with its crux at around 25 of its 32 mtrs.  A good onsight and flash for Paco & myself.  My second flash was on Pupilas, 6b+ another good route.  Warm down climb on the interesting Pitxuti 4, 6b an odd line but enjoyable.

The climbing was good and the level just right – I did feel my left hamstring slightly when at the 3rd chain, the overhang and with my feet open and up to take my weight while fighting to get the draw out of the overcrowded bolt, but no pain, I just noticed it a little.  I’ll continue doing weights, a little mountain bike and swimming & can’t wait to get back into some 7 quality.

Here’s a photo of virgin wall to the end of Ditot, though bolting is prohibited due to nesting birds of prey.

View from El Ditot towards Farena.

6a   6a+   6b+   6b+  6b

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