2012-07-06 Cavallers & Viuet   Leave a comment

Escaping the damn heat in Tarragona, Centre Excursionista Nugget heads up to Cavallers.  We arrive in darkness in time to eat and crash out for an early start in the morning.  With over 400 pages of routes in the guide to discover, we pick a new sector La PasteloríaDr. Feelgood, 6a to get used to the difference, then we both send Flors i Violes, 6a+.  The black granite gives awesome grip, except where there’s a mossy slimy waterfall down the route, but we try the sopping wet super crack Pastel De Queso, 6a+ anyway.  Well worth getting wet for.  It was only the top that was wet, and the overhang dripped water off into space and not down the wall.

2012-07-06 07 La Pasteloria   Pastel De Queso, 6a+

Trying another new sector, La Conchinchina, we only have time for 1 excellent route before drizzle arrives and we pack up.  The Simpsons, 6b was incredible – quality, long, with great moves and well protected.  This sector will be visited again soon…

Arriving back down at the parking, we decide to salvage the rest of the day, along with Andoni & Mari-Carmen we head down to the nearest area, Viuet.  Super sharp limestone with maximum, and I mean maximum grip.  We don’t have topos for this area, but when you’re climbing with Andoni you don’t need them.  I onsight what I guess is a 6c and try the route next to it which he opened and suggested I try.  I fall pulling off a 6 inch flake of rock, but that’s because not many people climb here, the flake narrowly missing Mari below.  After this, I rest at the crux, and the few moves past it and top out the 32 mtrs of what I guess is maybe 7a+ (Andoni proposed 7a – probably to entice me into trying it!) and I do this with my rockshoes somewhat below par.

Supernaturals, 7b   Gato Reventado

Supernaturals turned out to be a 7b when we found it in the guide later… as I said, maximum grip!

6a   6a+   6a+   6b   6b   7b

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