2012-07-07 Sopeira, El Buitre Buitaker   Leave a comment

2012-07-07 04 El Buitre Buitaker

Plenty of sun today, so we postpone Mr Brascó’s multi-pitch sport routes by the dam at Sopeira as they are south facing.  We’re still climbing a south facing wall at El Buitre Buitaker, but single pitch meaning we don’t have to carry up water.  The traffic noise isn’t bad considering, but the wall is a little ‘herby’.  We warm up on the very polished Lumbago and Vamp, both 5+.  Quite physical for 5+s and then we get on the difficult start of Policlinico Miserable, 6b which was nice, the top section making amends for the bottom.  After this Grunge, 6b that shared the anchor.  Another nice climb, with a long diagonal traverse at the top.  This sector is better climbed in winter.

2012-07-07 02 El Buitre Buitaker

5   5   6b   6b


Posted 2012/07/10 by allend66 in El Buitre Buitaker, Rockclimbing, Sopeira

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