2012-07-09 Siurana, Can Sumera (Can Maquis)   2 comments

The one day rest wasn’t enough to regrow skin on my dabs, and we also climbed the ‘new’ routes at Sumera.  Seemingly, not many people have climbed them as there’s still plenty of rock breakage.  They’re also as sharp as hell.  We do #24, 6b, #23, 6a+, #25, 6c+ then decide we’ve had enough and go round to the established lines. 

Simplemente Despiste, 7a

I try a reasonably nice but nothing special 7a Simplemente Despiste, hang twice but couldn’t be bothered to send it once I’d worked out the beta, instead opting to onsight a 6c just next to the awesome 6b that has the dead squirrel half way up.  They’re neighbours, but they’re nothing alike.  T’hem Pillat, 6c was very difficult, very sharp, dirty, crumbly and not enjoyable.  I didn’t even get the onsight.

6b   6a+   6c+   7a   6c


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2 responses to “2012-07-09 Siurana, Can Sumera (Can Maquis)

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  1. Me alegro de que la recuperación vaya bien,pronto vuelve el 7a

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