2012-07-16 Gorge De La Jonte, Aux Vases   Leave a comment

L'Arête Ouest, 6a,6a+,5+

For our ‘rest day’ we try a little multi-pitch in the next gorge, La Jonte.  This, like most of the sectors here has a long, steep approach.  Plenty of good exercise as we arrive on the 3 pitch 3 star line L’Arête Ouest, 6a,6a+,5+Yohann opens the first 35mtrs and I clean then stringing the 2nd pitch (another 35mtrs) after only resting the time it takes to switch over the belay.  By the end of pitch 2 I’m getting a little pumped, but this is great training not to mention the fact that the route is very beautiful.  A little run-out, but an absolute joy.  Spectacular views with vultures soaring far below us, the 95mtrs seemed to go by all too fast.  Well recommended.

L'Arête Ouest, 6a,6a+,5+   L'Arête Ouest, 6a,6a+,5+   2012-07-16 23 Aux Vases   2012-07-16 24 Aux Vases

6a   6a+   5+


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