2012-07-18 Gorges Du Tarn, Figues Au Cul & L’Amphi   Leave a comment

Two easy routes for Sharlene and a soft warm up for me before I tackle my 7c project.  In Figues Au Cul Nique Le Liére, 6a and the unknown 6a next to it.  I can’t wait for the new guide that’s supposed to be coming out soon – the one we’re working from is 10 years old and wasn’t great to start with.

Now on to L’Amphi for Frit Confit, 7a to rewarm up and I just miss the onsight.  There’s a dyno (more 7a+ than 7a) almost at the end which is also part of the project L’Homme Préssé, 7c – vertical and thin till the bulge roof and crux at the 5th bolt.  The sequence we’re working on is difficult but only 6 moves.  With the 7a opened we work it on a top-rope because we don’t even know if our sequence is the way to do it.

2012-07-18 03 L'Amphi

Afternoon session we’re back to Figues for a couple of easy routes, Saveur D’Épices, 6a and the nice but super polished 6b Ou ca Nous Ca Va.

6a   6a   7a   7c   6a   6b


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