2012-07-19 Gorge Du Tarn, L’Amphi & De Que Fas Aqui   1 comment

We try an early start (8am) for our 7c project L’Homme Préssé but the temperature isn’t that low and the sun arrives after 2 hours with blistering heat.  Back to the campground.  After snacking and resting a little, we’re over to Figues Au Cul to send a newer-than-the-guidebook 6a and Helmet Or Not Helmet, 6a – nice but polished.  The next sector along is the nice De Qué Fas Aquí? and we send Aveyrozere, 35mtr 6a.  There’s plenty of new routes gone up but fortunately these ones have the name at the base of the line.

Aveyrozere, 6a 

It felt quite exposed, and it would be fun to do with passive protection – the line follows the giant flake seen above Sharlene’s head, in the above photo.  After warming up on this, we try another 7c project, Aracnide.  Very nice and super thin & crimpy, This will need some days’ work.  Where as the other 7c we have on the go, L’Homme Préssé has one sequence of some 5-6 moves then easy(ish) street till the 7a move up top, this line seems to be sustained finger-tippy all the way.

Aracnide, 7c

7c   6a   6a   6a   7c


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  1. Buena,que no se acaben los proyectos ….

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