2012-07-22 Gorge Du Tarn, Figue Au Cul & De Que Fas Aqui   Leave a comment

Lots of people here this morning in Figues, the easyish sector with a super-short approach.  We warm up on Le Nain Moutarde, 6a+, Helmet Or Not Helmet, 6a, a newish 6a and Saveur D’Épices, 6a+.  Over To Que Fas and I onsight the scary run-out and long 6c+ Xaqui.  Feeling good I bypass the 7a and 7a+ next to it and get to work on La Femme Gri-Gri, 7b.  Onsight blown at the 4th clip, this is technical and strong climbing on thin holds.  The whole of the bottom half, 18mtrs, is tough and there’s 3 cruxes.  Above this it’s nice 6c to the chain.  first try I stop 4 times, on the 2nd try I stop twice, but with the beta more or less down.  This should be sendable next try.  If not next try to put the draws, then I’ll redpoint this beautiful line second go.

2012-07-22 1   La Femme Gri-Gri, 7b   2012-07-22 3

6a+   6a   6a   6a+   6c+   7b   7b


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