2012-07-27 Gorge Du Tarn, De Que Fas Aqui? & Grand Toit   Leave a comment

I should‘ve sent Femme a couple of days ago, but then having my fingernail half detached took away some of the pleasure in doing the moves on this beautiful line.  Knowing the moves, I warm up on it, taking it easy, putting the draws up and taking the occasional rest.  After a while, I attempt my redpoint attempt and blow it at the 1st crux.  Fine, no problem, we fold a head down to Grand Toit to belay Franck on his next project, the 8b+ extension up right from Mehw Power, 8c+ which he crushed a few days ago, hiking the grade to 9a.  He’s working the upper part, so takes a traverse start avoiding Mehw’s crux, still weighing in at a fairly hefty hard 8b+.  Once worked, Lorenzo & I try out Que La Fête Commence, 7b.  We both work it twice, but it’s doable with a bit of time.  Franck’s back on the project and the time is getting on.  Tomorrow the big send…

7b   7b   7b

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