2012-07-28 Gorge Du Tarn, De Que Fas Aqui?   Leave a comment

Our project, L’Homme Préssé, 7c has been downgraded to 7b+ in the new guide, due out in about a month’s time, so it’s lost its appeal.  Arachnide, 7c is still in need of some work, so to put the draws up we do the 6c+ next to it, C100 Francs.  Hard 6c+ I’d say, but once done with the sloper fissure on the top half of the route, I put all draws on the 7c.  Lorenzo gets to the 1st crux.  I get to the 2nd crux, though I still don’t have the 1st worked out.  Here I leave it, my fingers nicely hot and in the zone for La Femme Gri-Gri, 7b which simply has to be sent.  Dani sends it.  Caroline sends it.  No pressure then, I step up to the plate and remembering all sequences perfectly, finally send it.  Such a relief to catch the last jug on the last crux’s last move.  To end on a high, I shelve the 7a Lorenzo opens for another day.

6c+   7c   7b


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