2012-08-04 Siurana, L’Aparador & Cal Orro   1 comment

Morning shade before it gets too hot in L’Aparador.  We warm up on CAB, 6a and then onto Disbauxa, 7b.  What a beautiful line this is.  It’s a little pumpy, and the change out right when it leaves Rauxa, 7a+ is a bit of a move, but then you’re on reasonable crimps with occasional jugs, all overhanging, a little polished but all good.  I didn’t send it today, but it’s on my hitlist.

Disbauxa, 7b   Sac D'Excusas, 6c

Over to the left we do Tali’s 2011 line Beso De Cabra, 7a.  A tricky sequence of moves with crap feet and you’re through it, but this line isn’t so nice.

It’s 37º when we get to the car, so we’re up top on the other side of the valley for more shade, today in Ca L’Orro.  Some more new routes to be added, but we tried to do Transgenicstop, 7a but we find out later that we did Sac D’Excusas, 6c – very nice.  To finish, I planned on doing the 6c, instead I’m on the unknown Calé which luckily wasn’t too difficult… there’s one long move to get past the bulge roof.  I would guess 6c, but am tired and couldn’t onsight it.  Another day it would have been ticked.

6a   7b   7a   6c   6c


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  1. El campionat mundial de menjar olives no ha estat el mateix sense tu

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