2012-08-05 Mont Ral, Els Gegants   Leave a comment

I redpoint the superb Calipso, 6c to warm up, thus paving the way for Maurici to take an 8mtr fall from the last bolt.  Misreading the overhang top section of the 6b+ to the right, another good line, Eslava, I fall too.  I followed the diagonal line right to the next bolt, ignoring the huge pocket way over to the left <smacks own forehead>.  After this Meu opens the long 7b Mariscal, Fil De Cobi in Esperó No.  I try it but the crux doesn’t let me pass.  A nice line, some nice pockets, but the crux is thin.  I’ll shelve it and come back to it later.

Mariscal, Fil De Cobi, 7b   2012-08-05 07 Espero No   Mariscal, Fil De Cobi, 7b

6c   6b+   7b


Posted 2012/08/06 by allend66 in Els Gegants, Espero No, Mont Ral, Rockclimbing

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