2012-08-07 Siurana, Ca L’Orro   Leave a comment

Unfinished business – the 7a, Transgenicstop needs to be sent and with a feather in the guidebook, I was hoping this would be a quick onsight or flash.  To limber up, we do El Belluguet, 6a which I remember vaguely as tried before once I had started it.  It’s not bad at all.  The 6b to the left was a hard 6b, and 2mtrs longer with 2 less bolts, so Que Se Sienten, Coño! felt exposed.  Now onto the 7a.  28mtrs, 10 bolts, one sequence of 5 moves.  Paco misses the onsight & I miss my flash, but I layback the arête and redpoint it 2nd try.  A nice climb, and yes, an easy 7a.  There are 3 new routes to the right of Transgenicstop, 2 look easyish, the last looks doable with a bit of elbow-grease to get over the roof start.  I’ll look at these another day when I return to try the other two 7a & two 7a+ in this nice sector.

Transgenicstop, 7a

6a   6b   7a   7a


Posted 2012/08/07 by allend66 in Ca L'Oro, Rockclimbing, Siurana

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