2012-08-09 Siurana, L’Aparador, Siuranella Est   Leave a comment

CAB, 6a to warm up and then I’m straight onto check progress on the nice Solos a Solas, 7c.  Not going full on as the 18mtr CAB isn’t much of a warmer, I make the first 3 bolts then rest.  The 1st crux could do with a extender to get through the vertical crack, but if you do it right, you get past and clip safely – it’s just a little run out.  I’d forgot the sequence here, and fall once, & rest once, then I’m past up to the 2nd crux, which I nail first time.  This too is very run out, the hardest move is already some 3mtrs above the last draw, and the crux being very reachy to a thin hold.  One more rest at the last bolt by the lower-off, and I’m happy.  The only other time I tried this, I was testing Pantxi’s belaying & patience with several long falls.  I’ll come back to this great line in about one month, and see if I can send it.

After this, to relax a little, I open Gatzara, 6c in the last of the shade.

Lo Mes Negre, 7a

Over in Siuranella Est, I try the not very nice Lo Més Negre, 7a+ (7a in the guide), mopping up the routes I don’t have, but this I won’t repeat.  Chema onsights Lo Dejé To Blanco, 7a which as I have, and as I’m very thin on skin on my fingers, I pass on.  It’s very hot in Siurana.

6a   7c   6c   7a+

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