2012-08-10 Siurana, El Pati & Can Piqui Pugui   Leave a comment

Just time for 2 routes in morning shade, Lame Chuche Baby, 6b+ which in my opinion is difficult for the grade, and the excellent Crosta Pánic, 7a+.  With the heat, it’s up to the camping for a game of Ludo and a drink before the afternoon session in Can Piqui Pugui.  It’s so hot, but there’s no breeze here unlike Melafots that always seems to have a breeze blowing through it.  Graham’s suggestion of Delicatessen, 7a+ is very nice but I couldn’t send it with so much heat and sweat.  You chalk up for the holds and the clam just eats through the magnesium.  I top out, but I’ll return to try this when it’s a lot colder.

Delicatessen, 7a+

To the left of Delicatessen, David’s 2010 route Marvi Forever, 7a which we both found more difficult, and we told him as much!  Maybe he’ll upgrade it for the imminent release of version 2 of the definitive Siurana guide book.  Whilst I’m there, I have a look at the 2 ‘new’ routes to the left, Casa Pacos, 6c & El Boig Del Montanyó, 6b+ , both of which I found ugly, very sharp and dirty, and ones that I won’t be doing again.

6b+   7a+   7a+   7a+   6c   6b+


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