2012-08-17 La Mora, Psicobloc   Leave a comment

The 40º heat is too much, so we deep water solo up at La Mora.  The last time we were there, some idiot flatfoots gave us some grief about it being illegal, but we climbed nonetheless.  Since then there has been various rumours and news items on a couple of TV channels about a new law introduced because a few idiots jumped from the rocks into the sea, only to hurt themselves.  They say there is a fine of a couple hundred €euros now – so be advised.

I’ve got the long low diagonal 7a to have a go at, Paco’s got the first two thirds down pat, but he can’t get past the crux.  But I honestly don’t know if we’ll be back here to finish it.

Posted 2012/08/21 by allend66 in Psicobloc, Rockclimbing

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