2012-08-20 Mont Ral, Caving   Leave a comment

I was reminded of an English buddy’s introduction to caving… they started exploring caves to get in from the rain, only here we were getting away from the heat wave that’s presently on vacation from Africa. 

2012-08-20 08 Mont Ral   2012-08-20 26 Mont Ral   2012-08-20 28d

High 30’s low 40’s and it’s brutal outside, but get inside the Cova de Mont Ral and it’s like walking into an air-conditioned room.  With topos and information found here, we take our initiation into caving.  Not quite rock-climbing, but close to it.  Stirling support from the Centre Excursionista Maspujols, we do the first cave in around 3 hours (6 people), and start to have a look at the 2nd cave, just 40mtrs away from the 1st’s exit rappel.  This second cave has one in & out so after a quick look around the main cavern after a 14mtr abseil, we don’t explore it’s depths, instead we admire the bats hanging from the ceiling, the enormous Tiger mosquitos that are sheltering from the heat, and jumar back up and into darkness of the night.  We could see our breath it was so cold – very nice but after several hours in shorts and T-shirts it was starting to get uncomfortable.

2012-08-20 21a   2012-08-20 16b   2012-08-20 33 Mont Ral

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