2012-08-23 Siurana, L’Aparador. Altafulla Psicobloc   Leave a comment

It’s been a long time, or feels like it since I’ve been up to my ‘home crag’, the very wonderful Siurana.  With the Generalitat having restricted access plus the unrelenting heat, I feel a little off form, even with bOU-WOOd mounted at home, so while Maka works his project, Xerinola, 7b+, I’m giving a couple of ascents on my project, the grand Solos A Solas, 7c.  I’m struggling – the last time I tried this I felt better on it, but not a problem as I’m still working it.  The photo below demonstrates accurately the overhang.

Solos A Solas, 7c

After eating lunch, we’re off to Altafulla to Psicobloc.  I onsight a 6a+, 6b+, and 6c.

2012-08-23 06 Altafulla

7c   7c   6a+   6b+   6c


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