2012-09-04 Sella, Wild Side   Leave a comment

Finally get to début my Costa Blanca Rockfax bought 8 years ago for this little trip some 5 hours’ drive south.  We wake up to the great view of The Divino, Pared De La Cima which overlooks the parking and refuge. 

The Divino, Pared De La Cima

From here, a 10 minute drive and 15 minute walk to get to the superb sector Wild Side.  There’s not much easy stuff to warm up on, I take it easy on a 7b+ Propiedad Privada but once I draw it instead opt to not repeat it, but try the utterly brilliant Océano, 7b.  It’s a little polished, but pure class.  First try I rest three times.  Second try I fall halfway and rest below the crux.  This is doable, but I don’t have the energy to send it today.  3 stars and well deserved.  Thanks for the excellent guide service too from Mo-Mou Exclusive.

Oceano, 7b   Propiedad Privada, 7b+

After this, we drive down to Ambolo, Jávea to boulder in a sea-side cave.

7b+   7b   7b


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