2012-09-05 Sella, Gondwana   Leave a comment

After a beautifully clear and warm night sleeping under the stars in Ambolo, we deep water solo in the vast cave below a long descent from the viewpoint.  The cave was so big, a family came and anchored their yacht in the middle of it while the kids went snorkelling, while we were trying long lines of pocketed calcium with tufas.  It’s a shame I didn’t have a waterproof camera with me.  After getting the skin on our fingers trashed, we drive back to new sector Gondwana back at Sella.

2012-09-05 24 Gondwana   Benidorm

The grading is still experimental as not many people have tried the lines.  I open the technical 6c+, La Chimera.  Also not having any chalk on it makes it more difficult, but the top section is thin.  After this I fight a very sharp 7b, Vents De Muntanya.

Vent De Muntanya, 7b

6c+   7b

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