2012-09-06 Sella, Pared De Rosalia   Leave a comment

I’m still amazed at the amount of rock here in Sella.  It’s huge.  Today we schlep up to the very nice Pared De Rosalia.  To warm up, I onsight a nice thin crimpy 6c, Barco Pachero (3 starred in Rockfax) and then over to onsight simply the best 6c+ I’ve ever done, Arte Del Olvido.  The first bolt was about 6mtrs off the ground, and getting there was a bit scary, but the climbing on this 38mtr route was outstanding.  Sharp pockets (not painful sharp, but rather the good positive feel of unpolished, rarely climbed quality rock) and thin crimps interspersed with nice jugs and long reaches, this was yoga and meditation in vertical flow.  The bolts were run out, but I didn’t notice for the quality of the movements in getting to the chain.  In Rockfax, simply “An enormous single pitch, 3 stars”.  I’d give it 5.

2012-09-06 17 Pared De La Rosalia   El Endemoniado, 7a

Stepping up the grade a little, I look at the very nice El Endemoniado, 7a though I’d give it maybe the +.  I had to work 4 distinctive parts on this great line, but we didn’t have time for me to send it.  When next I come back here, I’ll pack my full trad rack and really enjoy myself.  An excellent crag.  On the drive up to our next stop, Chulilla, we admire the Peñon D’Ifach, which with most of the good lines south facing, will be climbed in winter.

Penyon D'Ifach

6c   6c+   7a


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