2012-09-08 Chulilla, Oasis   Leave a comment

A little hung over, we posse up back to Oasis where there are so many great looking routes.  While the boys are still fighting Miguel Gomez, 7a, Jacob & I do a very nice long 6c+ just to the left of the 6b left of Gomez.  Jake works it and I flash leaving me a little sweaty but with a great feeling.  Wanting to send the superb 7a+ from yesterday, we arrive to find it occupied, so instead do another 7a+, the last-but-one route before sector Chorreras to the right.  Walk right under the huge boulder / tunnel, and the 2 lines above it are 7a+ left and 7c right.  What a good choice!  The best 7a+ I’ve ever climbed, it was a shame I didn’t send it.  I found two cruxes, But once I’d worked them out, the route was a little sustained but very doable.  Rock quality was the best I’ve seen.  Unfortunately, time wasn’t permitting and I couldn’t get another crack at it.  Even Jake commented on the huge grin on my face.  An absolute gem.  But glad it was the last climb of the day.

?, 6c+   ?, 7a+   Sindrome De Cobardia, 6c

While the others try another classic – Síndrome De Cobárdia, 6c I leave it for another day.  Another roof problem, and I’m tired from the brilliance of the 7a+ in the middle photo.

Here’s a panorama of the other climbing area in front of the village.  There’s a 500mtr traverse at mid altitude, among other things…  So much rock, so little time.

2012-09-08 06 Tio Jose

6c+   7a+


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