2012-09-18 Siurana, A Prop de Can Aprop   Leave a comment

Esbuff, 6b was a thin warmer, the bottom half more difficult and the holds not being very big or comfortable.  The better climb to the left, Pobre Cabrita, 6b+ has some great moves on it, but it’s the same length, so you’re clipping the chain after only 18mtrs just when you’re finding your groove.

Esbuff, 6b

I try the short 7a, L’Ovella Gris make the 3rd bolt on thin crimps then as expected fall trying to get over the bulge crux.  A boulder move on a sloper crimp left hand and a reasonably good half knuckle right hand crimp, but it was too powerful for me.  Even after this though it turns into a slab, there’s little for hands or feet, you relying on adhesion.  AC/DC, 6b was a flash in July last year with Rocteam™ but I slip halfway this time.  Nice and very thin.

Before we know it, it’s getting dark fast so Mau cleans the 6a, Un Dia De Pluja.

6b   6b+   7a   6b


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