2012-09-21 Siurana, Siuranella Central   Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I climbed in this excellent sector, Paco & I arrive late, Chema & Ramon already on slackin’ out duties, sunbathing when we unload.  We warm up on the nice 6a, El Mareao and then onto Tikis Mikis, 7a.  Ramon flashed it, the rest of us fell at the crux.  It’s certainly doable, but with so many other 7a and 7a+ in this sector, I won’t put it high on my priority list, even though it’s nice.

Si Vas Niquel, Fas Tard, 7a+   2012-09-21 10 Siuranella Central

I have a look at the excellent Si Vas Niquel, Fas Tard, 7a+ short and powerful, this is doable with a little work.  I fall at the hold above the crux, then finish it up clean, This one I will send next time I’m here.

6a   7a   7a+


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