2012-09-22 Siurana, Can Marges   Leave a comment

When I saw Ramon floundering like a fish out of water on the first moves on the excellent Ma Mola Molt, 6c+ (Can Parasit) I thought it was about time to send it – it had me beaten on every attempt.  Raul recovers a nice flash after rectifying a mistake on the last few moves, but alas, I forgot the foot sequence and I miss it.  Again.  The boys are on the nice but pumpy El Tiempo… 6c but as I sent it last year, I do the very hard 6b+, Me Río De Janeiro with Big Al.  Al mops up some 6s and then I try the old school difficult Calidoscopi, 6c – one of Xapi’s 1986 efforts.  Anyone who knows won’t be surprised when I say I’m about to send a 7a+ in Esperó that is easier than this old line.

El Tiempo Se Ha Reido De Los Que No Han Venido, 6c   Calidoscopi, 6c

Everyone decamps over to Can Pigui Pugui for a quick Cruela DeVille, 7b but I’m too tired to enjoy it, plus there’s simply not enough light left.  It’s getting dark really fast now and at 8:15pm it’s dark.  Time for a beer and Toni tells us he’s opening a new sandstone sector with about 15 lines on it.  News to come…

6c+   6b+   6c


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