2012-09-23 Margalef, Culample4   Leave a comment

Margalef camping was full and stank of garbage and drains.  There were dog turds everywhere: what kind of pig doesn’t pick up their dog’s shit in a public place?  Space where someone could erect a tent?  And there were human shit and toilet paper strewn everywhere.  Someone had even shit at the base of the crag.  I’ll write that again – some people – plural – had taken a dump at the base of the crag, not 2 feet away from the climbs.  What if you put your rope tarp down on the ground, or worse your rope without a tarp and it gets covered in human excrement?  The sector was Reggae, for those interested in knowing where to avoid, though it looks as though everywhere in Margalef is getting steadily worse for the problem of human faeces.  And the faeces they leave behind.

We started in Sector Reggae with shade before Culample4, so do Mazapan Del Turkestan, 6a+ & Full Del Estambul, 6a+.  Over to my pending project Escaquietor, 7a+ which was put on hold when Yohann left and the heat and the flies arrived some 6 months ago.  I was optimistically expecting to send it first try, but I had forgotten the crux sequence (that had one climber hanging after he had just sent the 7c+ next to it).  Definitely a hard 7a+, I placed all the draws and after a rest retried it.  But I still couldn’t send it, and now my fingers weren’t up for another try.  We did do however the nice El Batmóvil, 6c to warm down. 

I was going to spend another night here, but it isn’t so pleasant with the smell, the shit, the overcrowding, and the noise…

6a+   6a+   7a+   7a+   6c


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