2012-09-27 Siurana, Grau Dels Masets Abaix   Leave a comment

A 6c+ onsight to warm up, the new as yet un-named route to the left of the very nice Equipament Alegre, also 6c+ and also onsighted.  Now we’re ready to work, we do the nice and relatively difficult Little Ted, 7a+.  It has everything, slopers, mini-crimps, long moves, jugs, even a nice technical roof to get past.  I didn’t send it but when I’m next here mopping up missed redpoints I’ll have another look.  The boys are playing on L’Imbècil, 7c next to it but I’m not feeling in a 7c mood today.  To warm down I onsight the very nice un-named new route, 6c, that shares the 6a trad flake before going right and up, which is to the left of Classicorra Bastorra, 6c.  Very nice.

Little Ted, 7a+

6c+   6c+   7a+   6c


Posted 2012/09/28 by allend66 in Grau Dels Masets, Rockclimbing, Siurana

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