2012-10-05 Montsant, Cingles De Sant Joan   Leave a comment

Cingles De Sant Joan is an excellent sector, and possibly because of the steep ascent putting people off, it isn’t polished, even though the routes are brilliant.  Mau starts with #38, 6a+ followed by Hagi Pau, 6a+.  It’s a real shame that the camping posse wuss out and go back to Siurana – they missed some excellent pocket-pulling.  I onsight a brilliant 6b+, Tranquilo Majete dedicated to said posse – maybe I can tempt them back as there’s sooo many routes here I need to send.

Siurana Village   Hagi Pau, 6a+   2012-10-05 6 Cingles De Sant Joan

I flash the 6b opened by Mau, again very nice Esperraca-Vents which has a high 1st bolt but was a gem.  Leaving 1 hour for the descent, I have time to onsight #39, 6b+ another super climb, though a tad more difficult.  Then taking the Grau descent, 54 minutes later we arrive at the car in fading light, timed perfectly.  A quality sector, a quality day.

6a+   6a+   6b+   6b   6b+


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