2012-10-07 Siurana, Can Pep   Leave a comment

A new 15mtr 6a+ in El Cargol, El Cargolet was a warm-up but with blazing sun we limit climbing on the south face and relocate to the backside where it joins El Pati, specifically the amazing Crosta Panic, 7a+.  I open it and Mau almost flashes it…

Crosta Panic, 7a+

Now we head over to Can Pep, where the gang are bolting (and trying) routes.  I’m the 7th person to climb the very beautiful unnamed route, 7a, on the left hand side of the crag.  The line logically follows a crack.  31mtrs and I clip the last bolt just 2 mtrs below the chain and a left foothold pings off, throwing me and stealing a nice onsight.  It was only a 10cent-sized nub, but the others were throwing down all sorts of chunks: the hazards of new rock.

?, 7a

After this I try a proposed 7a+, but after I come down I reason that in comparison to Rauxa, Crosta Panic, and Llet De Boja, this is quite a bit more difficult.  Someone else had suggested 7b before me, but it’s still up for debate.

6a+   7a+   7a?   7b?


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