2012-10-09 Cabacés, Lo Paredón   Leave a comment

A planned couple of days in Camarassa hit a snag, so we plan ‘B’ up at Cabacés.  Originally we head up to Les Crestes, where new routes have been put up, but the land-owner has erected a NO CLIMBING sign.  After checking at the refuge, we decide on Lo Paredón.  To warm-up we tick Oyentes Sateliteanos, 6b and Souljazz Records, 6c, which was Cristian’s 1st 6c send.  I open La Vall Dels Colors, 7a but miss the onsight, finding conglomerate rock difficult to read.  I send it on the next go.  With sun now on the rock, we go to the other end of the crag which is still in shade.  I onsight the difficult 6c, Líquens Místics, and then Il Brigadiere Maestri, 6b+.

Souljazz Records, 6c

6b   6c   7a   7a   6c   6b+


Posted 2012/10/09 by allend66 in Cabaces, Lo Paredon, Rockclimbing

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