2012-10-10 Siurana, El Pati   Leave a comment

Warming up in El Cargol I try Llepet Nicotínic, 6c+ but get a good pasting.  When full-on winter comes, this south-facing side has a couple of 6c+ and 7a+ which I’d like to bag.  Over to El Pati and shade and it’s like walking into an air-conditioned room.  With Viagraman, 7a open, I have a try and work out the beta on two places, then send it on the second try – at last!  Over in Négociée, we hear the sweet sound of drilling – Mr Andrada’s putting up a new line seemingly to the left of Négociée, 8b.

2012-10-10 1 Negociee   2012-10-10 2 Negociee

We’re now over in Siuranella Est just to get some mileage in.  I fluff a previous onsight of La Negra Tiene Tumbao, 6b+ but recover face with a nice send of La Fiesta De Mondongo, 7a.  I was looking forward to playing on L’Escamarlá, 7c+ but it will have to wait…

6c+   7a  7a   6b+   7a


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