2012-10-16 Siurana, El Pati, Siuranella Est   Leave a comment

Without a warm-up and straight onto Gato Lerdo, 7b+, I’m taking it easy till the crux roof-crack.  I leave it here, watch Yonass send Zona 0, 8b that shares the same start, forking right just after this roof crack problem.  I give it another try but still leave the crux not wanting to force anything.  After this we’re over to Siuranella Est and Yonass works then sends Ramadán, 8b.  Taking advantage of the toprope, I make the 4th clip, twice, but 8b is too rich for me at the moment.  Two warm-down sends, Lo Deje To Blanco, 7a & Atracción Feacal, 6c finish a short but interesting day.

Zona 0, 8b   Ramadan, 8b

7b+   7b+   8b   7a   6c

Posted 2012/10/17 by allend66 in El Pati, Rockclimbing, Siurana, Siuranella Est

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