2012-01-18 Siurana, Can Piqui Pugui   Leave a comment

Having already sent Saiko Dase, 6b+ and it not being so nice that I’d like to send it a 3rd time, I warm up on the next easiest line Algo Muy Sucio, 6c+ though I fall at the crux.  Cruela Da Vil, 7b was a lot of fun last time, and I have it on my ‘to send’ list.  With the draws up, I make the crux then drop like a stone.  I retry it but still fall.  After Jack & Cristina flash it, I try it again but can’t stick the crux, though the end is perfect, going straight up on thin slopers.

Isadora, Donde Estas? 7b

I try and abandon Fent L’Indio, 7b and the super old Isadora, Donde Estas? 7b, (a solid 7b) two climbs that I won’t be trying again anytime soon.  To warm down, I send Algo Muy Sucio, 6c+ that I had left my quickdraws on.

6c+   7b   7b   7b   7b   6c+


Posted 2012/10/19 by allend66 in Can Piqui Pugui, Rockclimbing, Siurana

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