2012-10-22 Siurana, Ca L’Isabel   Leave a comment

After 3 days of rain I was full of beans to get close and personal with Siurana’s limestone.  We warm up in Can Melafots first on La Mare De La Sardineta, 6b then repeat the nice Gat Reggae, 6c before we move up to 7a in IsabelGora TETA M. has a roof problem early on and we all try it different ways.  Jack flashes, the rest of us need another go.  While I was waiting, I try the 7a next to it, Com Mes Grans, Mes Burros but it’s like the 3-bolt wonder L’Home Braç in Arboli… one super fierce block move and nothing else.

Gora TETA M. 7a

To warm down after I reach Gora’s chain, we return to Melafots to do Escal Que, 6b and Derbi Paleta, 6a+.  It should be noted that Derbi Paleta has had a substantial sized breakage, now making it a lot harder than 6a+.  Just above the start to the left, it’s now maybe 6b+ or 6c.

6b   6c   7a   7a   7a   6b   6a+

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