2012-10-27 Siurana, Esperó Primavera   Leave a comment

Well into the rainy season now, we’re in Esperó Primavera (south facing) to get the most warmth from the overcast sun.  The ground is still wet from the 2 days of heavy rain, but the rock is mostly dry.  We warm up on Pelandruska, 6b and I talk Jack into opening Llet De Boja, 7a+ which I had pending to send.  I needed one go to remember the moves on it, but after hanging at the balancey crux didn’t want a second try because of the strong winds blowing across the crag.  I shelve it for another day.  Moving down the wall, Roland is on Papágora & Mandrágora, both awesome, both 7b+.  We were either going to get on one of these, of retry the grand 7c (to be downgraded to 7b+) Mucho Tronco, Poca Madera in El Pati.  As there were 4 people queueing for Tronco, we return to Papágora, 7b+.  Here’s Roland in the crux:

Papagora, 7b+

It’s a beautiful climb, and difficult, I’ll need to invest some time in this one.  Temperatures plummet once the sun sets – 2 degrees overnight.

6b   7a+   7b+

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