2012-10-29 Montsant, Raco De Misa   Leave a comment

The sun arrives at the easy left hand section and creeps right along the wall eventually into the corner and onto Salfores.  By 9am we are already T-shirtless and warming up on 35mtrs of quality #28, 6b.  The very cold and windy night forcing me to take measures against the cold rock temperature numbing our fingers.  I heat a medium-sized pebble on the Camping Gaz and throw it in the chalk bag.  This little heat bomb makes the climbing perfect.

#28, 6b

The sun now fully on the rest of the sector, I mop up the missed onsight from yesterday, Rata Arraconada, 7a and then onto another long route, Catalonia Is Not Patagonia, 7b.  Again, another beautiful route, with some solid moves for the majority of its length.  There’s a thin section low down where I have to monofinger (first knuckle only) to get feet up and cross-over reach the next two-finger pocket, then it’s pocket pulling all the way to the crux.  Unfortunately the crux comes at about 30mtrs off the ground, though there is a reasonable shake-out pocket beforehand.  I need to work the crux a few times, but I’m not sure I’ll send this second go.

Catalonia Is Not Patagonia, 7b

After a rest, I know I’m not going to send it, so to finish the day I try the difficult 7a, Purolitic.  Pumpy.

6b   7a   7b   7a


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