2012-11-03 Siurana, Esperó Primavera   Leave a comment

With the overcrowding here on this long weekend, we don’t have the luxury of warming up on an easy climb first, so we get straight on and occupy Papágora, 7b+ and taking it easy a couple of bolts at a time, put the draws up.  Jack’s looking strong – he sent Mandrágora, 7b+ on the second try, and today on the first ascent he’s working out some great beta.  I need to work the crux sequence a little, once past that there’s a no-hands rest and a couple of 7a moves to the chain.

Papagora, 7b+   Papagora, 7b+

A second try consolidates some of Jack’s great beta, though a mistake, or forgetfulness, leaves me hanging before the crux.  To cool down we do Penicentiagite, 6b.

7b+   7b+   6b

Posted 2012/11/04 by allend66 in Espero Primavera, Rockclimbing, Siurana

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