2012-11-07 Siurana, Esperó Primavera   1 comment

Marieta De L’Ull Viu, 6a+ to start the day and then we try a new 6c+ on the end of the wall, just next to El CargolAri-Zona was strange but nice, if a little short.  There was plenty of rock above this, I don’t know why it was stopped at only 18mtrs.  In fact the other new line 3mtrs to the right, Welcome To The Team, 7b weighs in at 40mtrs.

Ari-Zona, 6c+

Jens wanted to retry Llet De Boja, 7a+ which he fell on, and as I have it past its send by date, I open it.  Thankfully, I do everything perfectly, though at the top I’m breathing very heavily.  I finally send it, though it should have been ticked with Jack days ago.

While everyone else goes to El Pati to do their 7b+, 7c and 7c+ projects, PJ & I get on Noia Nom, 7c (to be downgraded to 7b+).  It’s nice… the crux coming at the 3rd, 4th and finishing at the 5th bolt.  Then it’s a combo of 6a, 6b and 6c moves to the anchor, though it feels exposed with the long run-outs between bolts.  Great adhesion on the rock, it was put up by Carles Brascó in 1995, seemingly with not many repetitions, by the lack of chalk on it.

Noia Nom, 7c

6a+   6c+   7a+   7c/b+


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  1. BIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cel,Montse i Marc

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