2012-11-10 Siurana L’Herbolari & Can Aprop   Leave a comment

Siurana was super crowded.  We had already planned on doing the rarely done multi-pitch trad routes at the right end of Herbolari, just before El Solarium.  I was also going to do the 2 pitches together (25+15mtrs), being as we had 60mtr double ropes.  Geared up with all my mothball-smelling friends and nuts, we do the easiest route on the the wall, Feina Bruta, 5, 5+ but the name should have warned me off it.  After the rain and the fact that there is rarely people climbing this route, it was dirty, muddy, overgrown and with dodgy protection.  I stop at the belay because of rope drag.

The second pitch however was a complete change – a pleasure to climb.  There was even a spit bolt at a ‘difficult’ move that had little feature to place passive protection.  After a nice 40mtr rappel down, we decide to shelve the other trad routes and do sport, but nearly all the routes were occupied.  As is typical with unprotected multipitch, the time wasted is remarkable.

Feina Bruta, 5, 5+

We change to Can Aprop to do Kuki, 6a+ for a nice end to the relatively unproductive day.

5,5+   6a+

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