2012-11-13 Siurana, Can Toni Gros   Leave a comment

A cold, grey and overcast start with chance of rain.  We’re at Salt De La Reina Mora where PJ is trying his 8a+ project.  I was looking forward to trying this, but as we warm up further down the crag in the middle section where it’s all broken, the drizzle starts and we decide to finish.  We stop at Can Toni Gros on the way, it appears dry, so we salvage a little climbing.  I open L’Ángelus, 6c which I’ll never repeat, then try Black Uhuru, 7b.  Thin start, I mess up the middle crux then get confused as I can’t see any more bolts up top, I assume it shares the last two bolts of the 7a+ left, but it’s very far left.  I bail as I had tried the mono-finger finish last month.  There’s an inconsistency in the guide books either the number of bolts is wrong or more probable the line drawing is wrong.  Either way I won’t be touching this super run-out line again.  Kudos to Graham for a scary flash ascent.

6c   7b


Posted 2012/11/14 by allend66 in Can Toni Gros, Rockclimbing, Siurana

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