2012-11-15 Siurana, Grau Dels Masets Abaix   2 comments

While Mike & Justin do some unknown route, Graham gets on the grand La Muerte Del Sponsor, 7b+. With a only a little beta, he’s past the thin crimpy middle section and making good progress to the cruxy roof problem. It throws him off as it does myself, my warm-up serving to refresh the memory. This is a very nice route and well recommended.

La Muerte Del Sponsor, 7b+   La Muerte Del Sponsor, 7b+

It’s 30mtrs of great climbing.  Justin has another project to add to his list, Graham sends on the 2nd go, I send it on my 3rd after I lower down from pinging off a foothold in the crimp section.

7b+   7b+


Posted 2012/11/16 by allend66 in Grau Dels Masets, Rockclimbing, Siurana

2 responses to “2012-11-15 Siurana, Grau Dels Masets Abaix

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  1. I don’t believe the route is unknown as its arguably one of the best 6a’s ever. Full-stop.
    I can take you through the individual moves if you like with the aid of my handy Powerpoint slideshow.

  2. Haha, got you! 😀

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