2012-11-19 Siurana, Salt De La Reina Mora   1 comment

An unfortunate weekend, the rain spoiling the last 2 days, so no PowerPoint presentations, no Papágora nor Noia Nom, nor any of the other projects for Misters Johnson, Holdsworth and Owen.  Today though, bright blue sky back in Reina MoraPJ and I combo the first two 6c pitches of Trampolín A La Fama, 7a though a 70mtr rope got us to the ground ok.  First pitch a little broken, second pitch a beautiful vertical crack.

Trampolin A La Fama, 7a

PJ is back on his project Brot De Fonoll, 8a+ and once he’s opened it I try a top-rope.  I’m off at the 4th – not even the crux, and it’s getting thin.  So I bail and try El Gato Silvestre, 7a+ but I’m not in the zone today.  I just about tick the difficult for the grade Mambo, 6b+ and 1st pitch only of Micofilós, 7a+ which could have been sent if I had realised it was more than 7a.

7a   8a+   6b+   7a+

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  1. You’ll be surprised how fast I can whip up a 100 slide Powerpoint… 🙂

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