2012-11-20 Montsant, Raco De Misa   Leave a comment

Pocket-pulling in one of the best sectors is a nice compliment to Siurana’s crimps.  Though the approach is steep, the routes are well worth it.  Unnamed route #27, 6b+ is a warm up, then I open my project Catalonia Is Not Patagonia, 7b and make it to the crux OK.  Last time I went left at the crux roof, three-quarters the way up, Pedro suggesting today I take the last two finger pocket with my right and go left.  Unfortunately my fingers get caught in a deep pocket, they bend back and I’m off.  Here’s Pedro on the neighbouring route La Llum, 7b:

La Llum, 7b

PJ sends Púrolitic Extensión, 7a+, Montsantrrat, 7b+, and works Mea Culpa, 7b+.  There’s so many climbs here to be done, including the famous Hidrofóbia, 8a, seen here with an unknown climber:

Hidrofobia, 8a

6b+   7b   7b


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