2012-11-23 Siurana, Siuranella Est   Leave a comment

After 2 days rest I’m back climbing ‘easy’ stuff after the finger mishap in Raco De Misa.  I’ve got it taped up which helps a lot.  I do Mucho Papito, 6b (with a rest) and then send Junta Culeta, 6c+ now knowing how the finger is.  Rapha misses the send, though we next do Borderline, 6c and I onsight this nice little romp and he flashes.  Now Álvaro looks at L’Escamarlá, 7c+ (8a with lower start).  As this is held by many to be the best 7c+ in Siurana, I have it on my to do list, but today is not the day.  We finish the day on Atracción Fecal, 6c.

6b   6c+   6c   6c

Posted 2012/11/24 by allend66 in Rockclimbing, Siurana, Siuranella Est

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