2012-11-28 Margalef   Leave a comment

We started off this morning with projects pending in sector Cabernet, very nice but very high and exposed to wind.  We only did La Expo, 6b+ nice, but with heavy cloud the rock temperature numbed our fingers so we had to bail.  We chose the roadside Cingles De Molí in the other valley.  By this time the sun was trying to shine through.  Two new routes put up on dirty rock, a 6a+ (right) and a 6b (left, shared anchor) – nothing special, then I tick the 6b+, Pepe Gotero i Otilio minus the block start, which was nice.  PJ wanted to try Tsunami, 7c in El Laboratorio, a crazy sector of very hard routes, all apparently bouldery.

2012-11-28 2 El Laboratorio

I try the nice Chachi Qui Chapi, 7a in the adjacent sector, Can Torxa but missed the onsight, though neither was I that worried about it.  It’s so cold that you cool down very quickly between climbs.

6b+   6a+   6b   6b+   7a


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