2012-11-29 Margalef, Cingle De Les Solanes   Leave a comment

Sun, blue sky, a beautiful day.  It was a little cold first thing but things soon improved.  Warm-up climb (actually in sector Racó De Les Espadelles) was a block start Punto De Gravidad Zero, 6b+ a nice climb, though we had to start from a tree stump.  A nice sector this, but it suffers with the same problem as a lot of places here in Margalef – soil erosion, many climbs have piles of rocks at the start or logs with notches cut into them leaning up against the wall so you can reach the starting holds.  We move onto Sobredosi De Rocaina, 6c+ but I’m not enjoying it and bail leaving clean up duties to PJPunt X, 6b+ was a reasonable climb, and then a nice Que Pasa Neng? 7a.  During this time, Mr. Julian arrives and onsights a new 7b+, 8a+ and proceeds to work La Bungada, 9a while a photographer lurks. 

2012-11-29 03 Cingles De Les Solanes   La Bungada, 9a

Oddly, the photographer doesn’t pay the slightest bit of attention as I absolutely crush the very nice Gest D’Inocencia, 6b+.  PJ more or less flashes the new 7b+ and as a finish to the day I onsight a lovely 6c, Guirlache at the start of Espadelles.  Nice sector.

6b+   6c+   6b+   7a   6b+   6c


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