2012-11-30 Siurana, El Pati   Leave a comment

One last climbing day for Jack & Cris and we’re in El Pati as I have to clean my draws off my project El Prado Del Rey, 7b+.  We warm up on the beautiful 35mtr Ay Mamita! 7a and then Jack sends the very first route he tried in Siurana, the new 7a+/b that kicked his backside El Corazón De La Muerte (to be fair, it wasn’t in the guidebook and he probably thought it was 6b+).  I get on Prado, working out some good beta on the lower section.  There’s the mini-roof bulge that I need to work, and then no problems up till the crux.  With my extended draw on it, making clipping it from the good lower hold, I can’t quite get past the high right hand crimp and bump.  After this steady climbing till the chain, but I decide to shelve it till I have some more 7b+ sends under my belt.

The last climb was a nice onsight and flash of the 40mtr 7a+, La Morena Del Montsant though Andoni said it wasn’t that good, but we both enjoyed it.  A good day.

7a   7b+   7a+


Posted 2012/12/02 by allend66 in El Cargol, El Pati, Rockclimbing, Siurana

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