2012-12-02 Siurana, Ca L’Istro   Leave a comment

Our first time in Ca L’Istro today, a small crag of bouldery routes situated above Can Aprop.  It’s sunny and nice but the higher altitude exposing us to a slight breeze that isn’t bothering those in Aprop or A Prop De Can Aprop, making it feel a little colder.  We start on the right hand most line, a nothing special Xiki Park, 5+ and then the reasonably nice L’Escorçó, 6a.  From this there’s a variation 7a, Element Subversiu A La Esquerra that shares the first 3 bolts and has 2 of its own before returning to share the anchor.  A bouldery roof problem that seems a lot easier on a toprope!

L'Home Bomba, 7a

The next easiest climb is the other 7a, L’Home Bomba, again bouldery start, some long moves up to the roof.  Titan Paco nails it but bouldery moves aren’t my strong point, and only top-out after hanging on it.  There’s 4 7b to choose from now, and we possible choose the worst one.  Mucosa Negra seems to be as hard for me as Els Flutants, the 8a+ I tried in Esperó Primavera.  Maybe some holds have broken off – there were pale grey divots on the black stripe of rock, but the 4-bolt, 15mtr route was powerful, bouldery, and awkward, the bulge meaning some of the footholds were hidden from view.

With just 3 more 7b, a 7b+ and a 7c to try in this sector, it’s limited in its appeal.  Plus we’ll need to be stronger next time!

5+   6a   7a   7a   7b


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